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100 prozent windgarantie



Our kite school on Lake Garda offers a 100% wind guarantee in case weather and environmental conditions do not want to play along. You will get a voucher in case a session cannot take place. This can be attached after your kite course if space is available or is valid for up to 2 years if booked later.


Lake Garda wind


Lake Garda in Italy is one of the most wind-safe areas in all of Europe. The thermals make the wind one of the most stable in the world and perfect for us to learn kitesurfing. On our perfect kitesurfing day the wind blows twice a day. In the morning from the north(Peler) and from noon from the south(Ora). The north wind is a downdraft from the Alps that is additionally driven by thermals. This starts in the early morning hours and blows until about 12:00 with 4 to 5 wind forces. At noon, the wind shifts and by about 2:00 p.m. has mostly reached the right wind strength with 3 to 5 wind forces to go kitesurfing on the water. The thermal wind unfortunately cannot be predicted correctly by conventional apps like Windfinder & Windguru and is therefore forecast daily by our kitesurf instructors. Thus, the first kite course always starts at 12:00, but depending on the wind on the following days can start as early as 7:30. At the following link you can find a compact summary of weather, webcams & forecasts:

Kites fliegen im Wind vor Bergen

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Travel with us to dreamlike beaches and the best spots worldwide or discover with our crew the most beautiful areas by sailing trip.

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Kitelehrer springt mit einem Kite

Vento, Ora, Dolce Vita. Learn kiting with unique conditions and italian flair at our kite school Lake Garda !

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Actively contribute to environmental, climate and nature protection. Avid Kiteboarding is CO2 neutral & plants for each course of the kite school Lake Garda a tree.

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