Optimal wind conditions, crystal clear water, long sandbanks and huge shallow water lagoons – this is kitesurfing under laboratory conditions. In principle, you can travel to Egypt for kitesurfing all year round. This is because the wind in Egypt is mainly generated by the strong thermals over the hot land masses. Therefore, during the seasonal months, you can expect a wind probability of over 80 percent and water temperatures between 25 and 29 degrees Celsius. With the help of our premium yacht, kite beginners and advanced kiteboarders discover the perfect kite spots. Consistent wind, lots of space and a huge standing area to get you fit in kiting. Our team will travel with you to our various home spots and train with you daily. Beginners get several hours of intensive instruction 6 days a week and with our advanced riders we push the level – from riding uphill to toeside to your first backroll or unhooked trick. In addition to coaching, we offer the latest kite equipment for rent and help you with area instruction and equipment selection.

All in all, Egypt is reasonably priced, with very high wind probability and perfect training conditions.


30.03.2023 – 06.04.2023


Kitecamp from 1390,-
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06.04.2023 – 13.04.2023


Kitecamp from 1390,-
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21.10.2023 – 28.10.2023 Kitecamp from 1390,- Info request
28.10.2023 – 04.11.2023 Kitecamp from 1390,- Info request



Our concept

As little effort and preparation as possible for you! No booking hotels, no hassling with airlines, no tracking down kite hotspots – just book our safari and you’ll get the perfect total package. We will pick you up from the airport and take you directly to our yacht – your accommodation for the whole week. Our professional instructors are available for you the whole week to push your personal kite level!


For one week you will enjoy nature to the fullest. On our kitesafari we head for an uninhabited group of islands and follow the wind so you can experience the best kitesurfing conditions. And when you’re not on the water, you can just enjoy the Red Sea and relax in the fresh sea breeze.

Our boat is the 31m long Sim Dive, which was completely modernized at the end of 2019. Designed as a submersible, the 1,300hp Sim is ideally suited for our purposes. Furnished by the German owner with much love, the yacht offers everything we need.

Below deck there are 8 spacious guest cabins. Each cabin has two single beds and a private toilet incl. Hot water shower. Each room has several portholes that can also be opened.

On the middle deck is a modern lounge for dining and hanging out, as well as the galley and wheelhouse.

On the upper deck, you’ll find a cozy couch area to relax on after your sessions – in the shade or in the sun. In front you can still find a sun deck for tanning.

The sim is state of the art. In addition to large freshwater tanks with their own water desalination plant, there is also a state-of-the-art compressed air filling system for diving cylinders on board. A large life raft and two dinghies are also part of the sim’s equipment. We use the dinghies to translate to the spots or as rescue in case someone drifts off.


Our VDWS-licensed kite instructors from Avid Kiteboarding will introduce you to the new areas, give rescue on offshore spots and hold theory and practice lessons for beginners. Advanced students are supported from posture to the first jumps. Our experienced instructors have years of kitesurfing and worldwide training experience in different areas to ensure you maximum safety and learning success. You decide if you need a full kite course, daily coaching or only equipment rental at our camp.



For one week we show you Egypt’s most beautiful islands and kitespots – from beautiful bays with sandy bottoms to uninhabited islands with waist-high and glassy water. All spots on our safari are only accessible by boat and are untouched. It is up to us to explore them. From Hurghada we leave for an uninhabited group of islands 40 km to the north – the islands of Tawila, Geisum and Asharafi. All spots are great for beginners with crystal clear water and huge standing areas. It’s not uncommon for us to be the only boat on site and have miles of shallow water runs all to ourselves.



Tawila means ‘flat’ in Arabic and is a huge sand island and one of the first islands we reach – the perfect place for the first kite session of the safari. On the south coast, a narrow finger of sand juts out to form a perfect bay with waist-deep turquoise waters. The wind blows offshore from the northwest, which means glassy water and 1A freestyle conditions for us. The standing area is huge and should someone drift off, the dinghy waits downwind to fish us up.


Geisum consists of two islands, a northern and a southern one. The Geisum Islands offer an incredible kite playground with numerous bays, peninsulas and reef protected lagoons with side or offshore winds. One of our favorite sessions in the Geisums is a downwinder from north to south, ranging from five to ten kilometers. We sneak in and out of the bays.


Ashrafi is one of the northernmost islands of the archipelago and here something very special is waiting for you: a huge, waist-high lagoon with reefs and sandbanks. Outside the sandbar, smaller to medium waves can also be found. Ashrafi is a safari highlight for everyone from beginners to advanced kiters.

The procedure

What is the exact procedure of the kitesafari? Here you can read about everything that awaits you at your kite camp. Our goal is to make your trip and stay as easy and uncomplicated as possible. We will pick you up from the airport and from day 1 you can already start kitesurfing…


Cast off for kite camp

DAY 1:

The time has come, your kitesurfing adventure starts. On the day of your arrival you will be picked up at the airport of Hurghada by one of our drivers. One of our guys is waiting for you in front of the passport control and already has your visa with him, so you don’t have to queue at the visa counter. Just look for the sign with the “AVID KITEBOARDING” logo or one of our partners: “KITESAFARI.EU” or “SIM SIM DIVE”.

At the exit of the airport a driver will be waiting for you and together we will drive to our yacht – your accommodation for the next days. The boat is either at the marina in Hurghada or at the marina at the old Sheraton. For a smooth organization of the pick-up, please let us know your flight number and arrival time, if the flight is not booked through us. Check-in at the boat is from 13:00. Depending on how late you arrive it is possible to kite already on the 1st day in Hurghada. For this we drive to one of our partner stations, where we then spend the day. In the evening we will be picked up again and spend the first night on the boat.



DAY 2-6:

Ready for day 2? We depart early in the morning and then drive about 2 hours to an uninhabited archipelago 40km to the north – the islands of Tawila, Geisum and Asharafi, where we will spend the next few days. All spots are shallow waters with crystal clear and glassy water. Quite often we are the only boat on site and have miles of shallow water slopes all to ourselves. Depending on the wind, we then decide on the spot where to anchor and go ashore. We anchor in the lee of the islands and for kiting we cross over to the islands with an escort boat. We have two escort boats with us, which are used for crossing but also for rescue.


Cheers to the pros

DAY 7:

Wonderful days are already behind you and on the penultimate day we leave around 14:00 o’clock to be back in Hurghada before 17:00 o’clock, where we spend the last night on board and enjoy the last sunset again relaxed.


Return journey

DAY 8:

On the day of departure our driver will take you to the airport on time.




To enter Egypt a visa is required, which can be purchased directly at the airport for 25€. The visa will be pasted into your passport, which must be valid for at least 6 months. It is also possible to enter with a normal identity card. For this purpose, the yellow Immigration Card must be filled out, which can be obtained locally. In addition, two biometric passport photos are required for entry with the ID card. We recommend that you have a passport with you, as this usually makes entry much easier. If you are not an EU citizen, you should check with the embassy beforehand if there are special entry requirements. We will gladly do this for you and help you to get the visa. At the airport or on the plane, you must fill out the pink entry card, which the official then stamps at the entry counter. However, when you enter the country, one of our guys will be there to help you and usually there are no problems.


The wind probability in Egypt is over 80%. In the area where we kite even a little higher, because of the jet effect the basic wind is strengthened again by about 5 knots. There are days with 30 knots, but also days with light winds around 15 knots. Since no one can determine the wind, there can be no-wind days, unfortunately. For such days there are many alternatives: snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, diving or just a relaxed beach day with barbecue.


Please contact us with any questions regarding entry during the Corona Pandemic. If the kitecamp can’t take place due to Corona regulations, you can change your booking to our next camp for free.

Weather & Equipment

In Egypt, the sun shines 365 days a year and temperatures are consistently warm. The average temperature in March/April and October/November is 23° during the day, at night the temperature can drop sometimes. Therefore, for the evenings you should have a thin jacket with you. The water temperature averages 22°. For kiting we recommend a shorty or a thin long leg neoprene, because it can get a bit fresh, especially when we are still on the water in the evening at sunset. In the summer months, board shorts and lycra are enough to protect you from the sun.The sun’s rays are very strong, so you should use sunscreens with a high sun protection factor. Long-sleeved lycras, sunglasses and hats are also recommended.

tawila from the drone


Our kitecamp takes place together with our partner
takes place. To participate you have to choose if you have your own material or if you want to rent it from us. After booking you will receive two invoices.
takes care of the safari & transport while Avid Kiteboarding takes care of the complete kite service on site.


  • Transfer from HRG airport
  • Kitecruise
  • Kite course or coaching
  • Accommodation in double cabin (shared room)
  • Own bathroom & shower
  • Full board and soft drinks
  • PADI dive guide
  • Free WiFi


Safari from 1390€
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The flight to Hurghada is not included in the price and must be organized by yourself. Flights to Hurghada cost from about 300€. Sports luggage costs between 50€ and 100€ depending on the airline. The visa must be made at the airport in Hurghada and costs approx. 25€.



You will be assigned to the kite course or coaching by us depending on your level. Please indicate in your registration if you need any material from us.


Kite course for beginners & advanced

  • Wind-dependent 2-5 hour theory and practice sessions on up to 6 days
  • Rescue service with inflatable boat for maximum safety
  • VDWS & IKO certified kite instructors for maximum learning success
  • Learning the kite basics through personal coaching (from bodydragging to independent riding)
  • Intensive training to learn how to walk at height


Coaching & Rescue for advanced

  • Daily theory sessions & coaching
  • Area briefing and rescue with rubber dinghy
  • Choosing the right equipment
  • Support during takeoff and landing
  • Tips for improved posture
  • Optimization of the “height running” technique, tacks, gybes, toeside driving or jumps
  • Support for front- and backrole, grabs, one-foot, board-off, railey, kiteloops and handle passes


Material rental

  • Latest material from leading manufacturers like Duotone, Infinity, FONE and Future Kiting
  • With material rental you get pumps, safety leashes and harnesses, bars, kites and boards adapted to your level from our material pool.
  • Help with choosing the right equipment


Material rental 200€
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We offer the latest kite material from Duotone Kiteboarding and Future Kiting!


30.03.2023 – 06.04.2023


Kitecamp from 1390,-
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06.04.2023 – 13.04.2023


Kitecamp from 1390,-
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21.10.2023 – 28.10.2023 Kitecamp from 1390,- Info request
28.10.2023 – 04.11.2023 Kitecamp from 1390,- Info request